About Me

The pioneer days of the internet was the spark that elevated my interesting in Graphic Design and Web Design. I have seen the progressive states of Web Design to what it has become today. Many people feel that their presence on the web is all you need to be recognized. The truth is good design and directional development is the core success of internet presence. Ferris State University Graphic Design Program has been a great step in learning the entire process of good design and development. Additionally, I have many passions. One passion is working with cut paper and designing an array of digital files that aid the online digital cutter community. When designing, the skill set that I have acquired through the Graphic Design Program has assisted me in refining my craft.

My Hobbies

My main hobbies include:
  • Fishing- What fun would fishing be if you didn’t have a buddy? Mine is my son.
  • Cut Paper- I really enjoy the detailed designs a single sheet of paper can form into.
  • Fly Tying- Nothing like making a fishing lure/fly that catches fish.
  • Reading- I really enjoy keeping up with current events through NPR.
  • Photography- Capturing water and elements of the night are my favorite.
  • Woodworking- I was bitten by the greats of PBS- “This Old House” and “Woodwright Shop”.